Free Series Coming 21 September 2021

Dyslexics around the world are struggling with self-confidence.

It's time to change that.

In our video series you'll discover what's holding you back, learn the secrets of the dyslexic brain & find out our PROVEN formula for Confidence.

Overview of The Dyslexia / Confidence Series (super visual 🎥 🏞)

In this 4 Video series we'll find out:

Session 1

21st September

Why do dyslexics lack confidence?

(It's not what you think.)

Session 2

22nd September

Why are your emotions so out of control? (There is a reason)

Session 3

23rd September

Why don't we trust ourselves? (And what does that mean for our confidence?)

Session 4

24th September

Our Confidence


(And how it can work for you)


Roger, 44

'School was not good to me. But now I choose how to change!'


Lesley, 46

'Knowing why my mind works differently - means I can change it'

Dyslexia and confidence

Alana, 29

'Stephen & Vanessa are so helpful. Thank you for your effort.'

Your Presenters

Vanessa Victor

Founder, Dyslexia Specialist, Coach & Trainer

Stephen Martin

Founder, 'Truth About Dyslexia' Podcaster, Coach

Becky Smith

Founder, Life Coach, Organiser & More!

Secure your spot now - let's be honest if you try and remember you will probably forget.

We know how it feels - we are just like you!

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