Dyslexics around the world with confidence?

The real question is why?

In this Webinar you'll discover how changing how you see your dyslexia - will create a new, confident you.

Many Adults with dyslexia have no idea how much it's holding them back.

They know they lack self confidence, they just don't (completely) know why.

Many of the watchers who will find this webinar useful were:

Diagnosed as a child

(but thought they left it behind at school )

Diagnosed as an adult

(maybe struggling at work they took online tests or went to a specialist)

Noticed when a Child was Diagnosed

(they realise they are similar - and this could explain alot)

Deep down dyslexics know that Dyslexia is more than reading, writing & spelling.

We understand this as we have been there.

We were told - you have so much potential why don't you use it.

Our dyslexia held us back at work, in relationships and stopped us from being out authentic selves.

We found apps, hacks & coping mechanisms to get past the day to day dyslexia. But no one was talking about the other stuff.

It meant that no matter what we did we couldn't find that inner self confidence - even if we looked confident from the outside.

As dyslexics we thought:

😞 How can I be so stupid?

😔 What are people going to think of me?

😢 I am just so useless

We kept beating ourselves up.

Realising it was not all about reading, writing & spelling and understanding how dyslexia is actually linked to confidence, was what set us free (we will tell you more about this on the webinar).

Because, often, it's the awareness of how your dyslexic mind impacts your life and how you feel about yourself that is the first step to feeling confident, free and certain.

It's our mission to empower dyslexics around the world to step into who they are.


Roger, 44

'School was not good to me. But now I choose how to change!'


Lesley, 46

'Knowing why my mind works differently - means I can change it'


Alana, 29

'Stephen & Vanessa are so helpful. Thank you for your effort.'

In this 45 minute (very visual) webinar, we will share....

Why do dyslexics lack confidence?

(there is a reason!)

What's the difference between your mind and the mind of a neurotypical (non-dyslexic/ADHD)?

'Retrain your brain' to

allow confidence to flow

through you.

The 'Visual Emotional Vortex' and how that effects trusting yourself.

Why you're naturally intuitive and how to use it to your advantage

2 actions you can take to start creating change - Immediately

Your Presenters

Stephen Martin - 'Truth About Dyslexia' Podcaster, Founder, Coach

Vanessa Victor - Dyslexia Specialist, Coach & Trainer

Becky Smith - Life Coach, Organiser & More!

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